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Sunday, January 31, 2016


Here I am again...awake. I have been in this position over and over again. Three hours ago my dog was pacing the house. Up and down the stairs, in and out of my bedroom, and back again up and down the stairs. Occasionally he would bark whilst he was downstairs at the backdoor. Now at this time I was actually sleep, but with him alerting me that something was up; I rose. As I descended down the stairs I could hear his nails of his paws clicking on the hardwood floors to meet me. We both went to checkout what was going on. I reassured him it was probably a stray cat,dog, or some other type of animal that was in the yard. This went on about two or three times, and two or three times I would check only to find out it was nothing. The fact that he is not a dog that constantly barks for no reason; it is quite necessary to check. One can never be to sure; especially when you are living alone or should I say the only two legged individual in the house. He has been pacing the floors for about three nights now, and each time I told him it was okay or to get in bed with me. Tonight was different. I heard him enter my room, pace, jump from his doggie bed to the area rug by my bed. Now I am listening to all of this with my back towards him, for I sleep on my side. I could feel his eyes starring at my back. I turned and there is was starring straight at me. Being the type of dog lover that I am we had a one way conversation asking him what was wrong. I informed him I was going out in the night to go hunt for what was bothering him, so instead I dawn my dressing gown and went downstairs to the living. I informed him that I would stay up to ease what was bothering. If I was going to be up I decided to turn on the television and make some popcorn. Whilst in the kitchen he would walk in and out to see what I was doing. Once popcorn was done, I got comfortable and proceeded to watch a show. I totally stop paying attention to him, but as I look around I noticed he wasn't with me. I rose from my chair and looked about and found the he had gone upstairs in my son's room and on the bed I found my dog sleeping. I shook my head and eased out the room so not disturb him. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself, for it took me to go through changing to settle his nerves. I will do whatever I can to soothe his nerves and keep him in peace,for he brought peace in my life by being just who four-legged angel.

Friday, January 1, 2016

GIVE THANKS I awoke while everyone else was still warm and cuddly in their beds; even my dog was cuddled up in the bed still with my son. It was even to early for him. I kept the lights off not to awake anyone as I walked down the stairs to the kitchen. I gave thanks for my family, dog, and house. I entered the chilled kitchen, turned of the lights, and the oven since I was going to use it anyway on Mr. Tom Turkey. I prepared the coffee, and started to gather the items necessary for the feast. Thanksgiving once again and blessed to have one. Being the only one awake made it possible to have a cup of coffee alone and in silence. I turned on the radio for company. Christmas music was playing putting me in the mood. I love this time of the year; even though I do not get snow. I gave thanks for the electricity, my coffee, and the alone time. The turkey was awaiting in the fridge to be seasoned, butter, and stuffed. I almost cut my fingers as I was chopping the vegetables as I heard of the hours for the stores for the "BLACK FRIDAY" hours. I was totally appalled to hear that some stores were going to be opened the same evening of Thanksgiving. I gave thanks I was no longer working retail. Companies couldn't just let there hard working staff have one full day with there families and friends for the day of THANKS. I know it is all about the money when it comes to business, but let us not forget the people that make it happen and what they give to make it happen. I give thanks The family had arisen and now dressed and ready to enjoy the preparing of the grand meal and the joining of the whole family. The little ones at their table and the elders at theirs we prayed,"Dear God, we thank thee for the blessings that you bestowed upon us and the ones that join us at this table. Those that could not be with us this day, be with them and keep them well. The meal we are about to feast upon, let it nourish our bodies as well as our souls. Let us not forget for whom makes it possible; which is you dear Lord. We pray....AMEN." We Give and Gave THANKS


The fireworks exploded up in the night sky, Auid Lang Syne was sung as the ball ascended down to bring in the New Year of 2016,and the people cheered loudly for seeing the coming of the new year. People kissed, hugged, and even some cried with the rejoicing. A new year is upon us and I do wish you all a BLESSED, PROSPEROUS, STUPENDOUS, AND MAY LOVE TOUCH YOUR HEARTS AND YOUR SOUL THIS YEAR. Out with the old and in with the new, so it is said. Don't forget the past, but by all means bring forth a future of greatness, peace, but most of all love for your fellow man. It is said,"to keep the spirit of Christmas all through the year". -- Charles Dickens. It should not be that hard to do and achieve. It has nothing to do with the gifts, the tree, or even the decorations. It has deals with the spirit of love and care for each other and wanting all the best for them. So my New Year wish is for that to happen for all of us. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016