From here to San Francisco

Saturday, November 28, 2015


You stand there looking at yourself in the mirror, as you have done many times before. Your tattered dress, the tear stains that have dried on your face, and the bruise on your cheek that you didn't get from bumping into the kitchen cabinet. How much more can you take? Does your bones have to be broken? Oh, that's right, you have had your bones broken many times before. You listen to the harsh words that are spoken, yelled, and even screamed at you, but you don't do anything, but take it all in. You spirit has been beaten down, just like you have been beaten down. You hear your child cry the cries he has cried many times before, but you take him in your arms and lie to him and yourself, "it's going to be alright. Don't cry. Shhh, it's going to be alright." How much more does that child have to take? How many more lies do you have to tell him and yourself? He takes out his pain, his own disappointment, his own non-self esteem, and he bullies you. Yes, he needs help, but so do you. There is help for both of you. If you stay because of love; then my dear love yourself first and take care. Organizations are there to assist you and teach you what to do and to rebuild your self confidence in yourself, so you can take care of you, yourself, and your child. The same help is there for him too, but he has to admit he has a problem. You do not want to be another causality and not be in war, but in war with yourself. Put your pride aside and seek help; before you have no voice to call out for help. As it said, "She's standing on a line between giving up and seeing how much more she can take." Get over the line and take no more. Have faith Have courage Have strength Have no more For love for you...woman to woman

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Valentine's Day is here. There will be the last minute shopping like on Mother's day, Christmas, or someone's birthday. Now, is it really necessary to wait to the last minute? If you love someone, why would you have to wait? Well, I think not. By they way, to show the one you LOVE, or care for,and/ or want to spend the rest of your life with; that love should be shown love every waking day of your life. Not everyone is going to be celebrating this day, for some might be taking the time to remember that lost love, or the one that got away, or even the one they wished they had. Some will avoid the day all together; thinking that love was not meant for them. For those that are trying to avoid it; forget it or you are just in total denial of the emotion of it all. It isn't about the gifts, the money spent; it is the little things that matter. I will be the one to break it to you; in some time in the future you will fall or want to be in love. Love is unavoidable. It is a strong human connection that we have. Whether you heterosexual or homosexual the heart is going to want what the heart wants....L-O-V-E...LOVE. Don't give up, don't despair, for love is in the air!