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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


...I don't believe it; I spent the day not doing not anything special and it felt great. If you knew my personality then you would why this is such a milestone. Do you ever get in the state of mind---if you didn't do a chore, an errand, get out and about and be apart of the world in some capacity; that you were being a waste to human-kind? Well, I am here to tell you that you are not a waste. Sometimes you just need some ME TIME. Time for you to just chill, relax, take a breather, enjoy that cup of coffee or tea, take your time with your shower, take a long walk and not make it about "I have to do some exercising", and/ or being just a bum for the day. Well I am feeling like I just did the run in place like in the movie "ROCKY", where the actor Sylvester Stallone was on top of the Lincoln Memorial stairs, with arms up; that he achieved running those stairs without passing out. I DID IT!..and you can too. So, be a bum for a day and rejoice in it.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Boy to A Young Man

Here it is Mother's Day and yesterday I really felt it strongly. I watched my son get ready for his Senior Prom and all the memories of the young man flooded my mind like a strong wave from the ocean of memories. He had been anticipating this for some time and it now the time had come; preparation for the big event. It was fun and exhausting at the same time when we were shopping for his attire. I knew what he wanted, but he wasn't all sure how it would look; that is where this mother came into play. "Mom, help me." "You're sure." "Who else but you mom." "My pleasure son. All I need to know is the color of your young ladies dress." "Royal blue mom." I had to make him understand that the color was easy, but it might not be the perfect match because of material difference. He understood and off we went. Since he didn't want the typical tux, but wanted the effect of that a tuxedo can have; we went shopping. It was a clerk like many that was out for the sale, but I cut him short, for I knew what he wanted and how I saw it. I was like a protective lioness with her cub. Being that I had many years experience of in sales; this was not going to be an issue of trying to persuade us or him. We just needed to know where everything of his outfit would be and take it from there...especially fitting. All was done; with the chose of a paisley patterned tie instead of a bow tie. I took everything to the cleaners and just waited for the day. Yesterday was fun for he wanted a certain style and cut to his hair and I was in full agreement, for a senior prom was only once in your life and I trusted him of his taste in hair style. See; when are very involved in the raising your children or child and if you gave them good advice or guided there hands in many ways in a positive ways then you will have the joy as I did to see the outcome. The hour had came to get going and as he walked to the car my heart swelled with joy. He looked so good. The baby had became this young man. He wasn't holding my hand, but letting me hand go to go on his way. As I drove up to the young ladies house; her family members were there waiting for he big event for the young people. He went in the house as if he was at him and was greeted by her family. She came to join the family and the admiration was on a high for both her and him. They looked as if they were attending the Oscars. They were matched perfectly. It was like having paparazzi; with the cameras clicking and a camcorder filming the event. You forget about the money spent and just took in the moment. Tears swelled in my eyes, for I so wanted my father to see his grandson take his young ladies hand, but I guess from my eyes and heart he was there. My son stood tall, proud, and proud as he took her hand and they posed for pictures. In my heart I didn't want them to go. I just wanted time to stand still, but it was not going to be. We all fussed over them and before you knew it they were on there way. A young man taking his young lady to prom; making steps of being responsible young people. When he arrived home safe and sound and earlier than I set his curfew; I knew all was well. You do the best you can as a parent for they don't come with a manual when they come from you, so all you can do is pray you taught them the values, morals, manners, and the steps of a life they are going to be taking steps of there own and they do well. My boy is now this young man. You have made my proud my son, but you did the day you were born. Thank you dear for including me. Mozette


Here it is Mother's Day and this is just for those that are mothers. In the modern and diverse world we live in now; this could be for a man or a woman. I am not one to judge. As long as you are mothering; then this is for you all. Mother is more than just the birthing a child, but she is the protector, nutritionist, mentor, health provider, teacher, giver of hopefully spiritual guidance, and most of all the devoted unconditional love. The position that is not to be taken for granted. It should be considered a blessing. Not all can give birth or even have a child for one reason or another, so those that have or considered it; then please take it seriously. It is not easy, but nor is it hard…consider it a new direction in life that also has it challenges. Not all women can be mothers and not all mothers have to give birth to a child to be consider a mother. To all you MOTHERS...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. Not just for this day for as long as you are here upon this earth. Thank you MOTHER EARTH MOZETTE

Saturday, May 4, 2013


It comes as a simple word, but has such power behind it. What do you want? Not the same as the word need, for that word has a different definition altogether. Plain and simple, WANT is what you desire. You want to have a nice life, you want to find the love of your life, you want the perfect marriage, you want the new model Mercedes, you want....I think you get the jest of it. Well then ask you yourself what you do want? On the network ABC; there is a series called, "SCANDAL", that just showed on this past Thursday night--5/2/2013; Season 2--episode 20, entitled "A Woman Scorned." To me it was one of the most powerful and symbolic episodes I have been viewing. I am not going to tell you the whole show from the beginning of the broadcast, but this one was talking to me so loud that I had to stand and take notice. There was a scripted line in it that went "....if you want me earn me." Now that was a powerful statement. Many men think that they can play with women emotions, yes treat them like a toy...we are not toys...if you think so then go to the TOY STORE and play. By the end of the episode the man told the woman, "watch me earn you." He did just that. He showed her how much he loved her and wanted her. LOVE IT! That is all it takes is for a man to fight or take a stand for the woman that he loves. It is not just for men to do it for women, but women for men. It is a 50/50 affair. I don't know what happen to this fight for love for each other and if we as couples or the one that you love that you forgot or didn't have a clue. Well it is time for those that love each other know what you want and get a clue. Women do want to feel wanted. As the song goes...when a man loves a woman....!