From here to San Francisco

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


"Ole Lord, I have tried to do as you wish and want of me to do. I am the human that you made and I do appreciate it, but these lessons are getting hard to bare." One does what one does to make one happy, but does one deserve the other. I have dropped on these knees and I gather I will drop again. I will do what is right. "Just give me another day to do what I have to do to honor you." In the dark of my room and I think and pray to you. I know you hear me and I wish I could hear you, but we weren't suppose to hear you like we humans hear each other. We are suppose to get you message by the things that happen around us. For example: If I complain of walking to much to get to where have to go---you put in my path a man or woman that have no legs and they are doing what they have to do to get to there destination. In my heart; I hear you my Lord savior. You are not complex; just we have so many choices that I find it hard to make the right one. I hit my head ( not physically )so many times and you think I get the message, but then all of sudden I get it. Yes, we are a stubborn species, but you made us and you love us unconditional. As I am in my darken room I feel you with me here. In song, in the light scent that is in the air, the thoughts even that I am writing on this manmade document, or the feelings that are swelling in my chest. One deserves the another; if I am to have you in my life then I am to honor you. Thank you MOZETTE

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I am going to climb on the mountain top and tell the just take my breath away. I would rejoice in taking that hike to the highest mountain top and scream it to the top of my lungs until all the air has left me. Making testimony of the love for someone. How does that sound to you? Yes, I am asking you. Think of it...breath....the air your lungs need to help the blood that pumps to the heart and the oxygen to the brain to keep you alive. Something so powerful that someone can take your breath away. It could kill you but it is such a powerful way to be in love that you don't mind. Cause you have been completed. Mozette

Thursday, April 4, 2013


We have all been there; electronic stores that sale computers, televisions, cell-phones...etc. It was once again my turn to take a trip to my near-by electronic store that starts with a "B" and browse about with the desire and need to purchase a new laptop. Why a new one? Well when Windows came out with the software of Vista with any new purchase of a laptop then all the news was out that it wasn't what it was supposed to be...efficient. Instead it became a software NIGHTMARE. Now when Microsoft figured this out they developed and had ready for you to purchase Windows 7. Am I complaining? You dang right. Now I was happy with the choice of laptop, but the idea of having it to be with me on the go was great. It was now about convenience. It would had been nice of Microsoft; even considerate; if those that had registered their computers that they just couldn't just give us the new that was asking of too much. The worse of it was that it happen after my receipt had ended for a 15 day exchange of return, so I was stuck. I wasn't going to buy the new was all about the principal of it all. To this present day it is not Windows 8. The apps of many and the capability of touching your screen for faster response. I must admit I enjoyed it when I was showed in the store and yes I bought a new laptop of a smaller size for even more convenience. Unfortunately, I had to return two systems and now I am on my third; at least this time I am doing it with the return or exchange policy. They say, "three is the charm." I am still working on the charm; even as I write this post I am seeing what it can do and thus far I am somewhat pleased...happy...getting there. I have to say that it has had it's issues of downloading applications, but I am thinking that they (developers in the industries for the software) are developing products too fast and not really taking more time out to develop...they are just about getting you all hyped up and making that all mighty dollar. True capitalist. So if you think it is all about the good of man and your convenience...think again. MOZETTE