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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Hi Blog and fans of mine; it has been awhile, but today is necessary. My heart is breaking. Faith being tested. Mother trying to stay strong. A woman feeling helpless. Why not like a day like today to write. So, to all Happy Christmas or Merry Christmas to those that celebrate or even take the time to acknowledge it. I took the time today to watch the holiday classic, "White Christmas" with the greats of Hollywood and vaudeville--Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. I use to watch it every year in my youth, but today I think I listened and watched it for the first time. There were lyrics of a song, "COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS INSTEAD OF SHEEP, by Irving Berlin." Which is about a song that when you are having a hard time sleeping; quiet yourself and think of your blessings instead of the old wisdom of counting sheep to make you sleep. It was so sweet and tender the lyrics. Of late I have been feeling like I am being tested. I try my best to stay positive, but it has be difficult. You get tired of hearing the positive idioms..."keep a stiff upper lip (as my quivers), look of the positive (having a hard time finding it), or it will all work out ( it has to work out), and or the world famous...look for a silver lining (why can't I see it?)"....I DONT WANT TO HEAR IT. This song actually helped more than anyone of late. It literally spoke to me, for the first time and yet I am still pausing at finding my blessings, for my son is going through it again with his physical heart health. GOD HEAR ME; PLEASE...I BEG OF YOU......HOLD HIM NEAR....HEAL HIM.....GIVE HIM TIME....LET HIM HAVE A LONG AND PROSPEROUS LIFE. PLEASE GOD HEAR THIS MOTHER'S PRAYER. I KNOW YOU ARE HERE. I KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN IN OUR LIVES AND NEVER HAVE LEFT US. I KNOW THAT YOU HEAR ME. PLEASE GOD.....HEAL HIM. On this day of Christmas...that is all I son to be healed. FOR THOSE THAT HAD READ....I LOVE YOU FOR TAKING OUT THE TIME TO HEAR A MOTHER'S PAIN ON HIS BLESSED DAY OF THE BIRTH OF OUR LORD. AMEN!!!! Mozette

Sunday, October 20, 2013


You the son of a mother You; made from LOVE A young Black Man You stand tall You will make do A young Black Man You here on the earth You in this world to make your mark A young Black Man You with questions getting answers You getting that education A young Black Man You have a voice You stay strong A young Black Man You are who you are You are what you will be A Loved, Tall, Strong, Educated, Determined, and Vocal MAN LADYM MOORE-2013


bopping down the street rocking side to side hips swaying singing out loud strutting like a peacock smiling as bright as the sun headphones ipods beats by dr.dre earbuds now I understand the rocking from side to side hips swaying singing out loud strutting like a peacock smiling as bright as the sun music moves feet in rhythm uplifting spiritual high soul souring he struts she struts bopping down the street LadyM Moore-2013

Sunday, October 13, 2013


(This is a very short story that I am testing here to see if there is a interest. If you could be so kind as if to let me know that you would like to have more of this story; I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you in advance; my loyal readers from here an abroad. WITH MUCH LOVE Mozette) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The room was lightly lite and the place was full of people of his same walk of life. Sounds of conversation, glassing clicking with a toast being made, and the distant sound of a piano tickling the ivory playing “Just the Though of You”. How ironic and I am sitting across the table with someone that I don’t want to have a thought of me nor I him, but here I am forced to keep his company. I look around the room of the smiling faces and wondering if they’re as happy as they appear to be, for I am not. My mind was wondering off as I was sipping my red wine. When you are married to a man with a lot of power in industry as well as having more money more than God; you do what you have to do to keep the peace. I am called a “Trophy Wife”, amongst his friends. Amongst my friends they call me a fool. When I met him I didn’t think it I would be with him, nor did I think my life would be like this; a wife that felt more like a kept woman. He was a kinder gentler man when I met him. I was working for his firm when we met. I had found that during my time there I was being watched and received bouquets of flowers to my desk. I enjoyed them without being aware where they were coming from. What woman wouldn’t? They were the most elaborate and exquisite bouquets. One day I received an invitation to lunch with the owner of the firm and I went. I thought it was a business meeting, but he had a hidden agenda. It was all beautiful, friendly, and innocent at first. Our meetings were always discrete. He admitted I was being watched at the firm and that he was taken by me. He was effusive with his compliments of my appearance. I explained that he was stalking, but he explained that being in his level of business, he was particular whom he met up with. He knew more of me that I had put on my resume. We went to fine restaurants, took flights to places I only dare dream of, and over a bit of time we were intimate. Every now and again he would have fits and that should had been my first clue, but being wined, dined, and shopping at exclusive shops that I didn’t dare walk into when I was on my own. I ignore the signs. His taste was impeccable. It was like a dream that any woman would want to come true. I was the envy of my friends. I kept the secret from my co-workers as I had promised. Then one day on one of our getaways he asked me to marry him. Sitting here now I question my love for him or was it more than just a marriage of convenience for myself. I guess I did sign my soul to the devil. I had heard the saying, “be careful what you ask for; for you just might get it.” I see now I should had been more specific on what I wished for, but then again I didn’t wish for him; he just came to be in my life. Our wedding was on a remote island. It was one for the books and actually in top magazines including Forbes. I agreed to marry this man that was older than me and treated me like a queen. The word was out amongst the employees that I was now Mrs. MonClaire, the Queen Bee, or the Owners property. It is amazing how people treat you when you are married to money. The doorman now knows my name, his office staff just about kisses my feet, and all the people that know him think they know me. Did I like it? Yes, but at the same time I hated them for not noticing me before I married to Mr. Whole lot of Money. So I play it up to the hilt. When we go to dinner parties I am there but not there, for they are really talking to him. The only ones that really keep my company are in my same degree of label as I. If I had any sense I should start a club. Money can be worthwhile as it can be destructive. I watched his lips move but I didn’t really cared what he said, for it was the same business; who is was going to destroy or what company he was going to take over. He never really cared about my day. Oh, he ask from time to time, but he didn’t really listen, for if he did he would hear my pain; like my shrink. One time before I was not so focused and my night became an unexpected evening of horror. After being married for a short while after or honeymoon stage of our marriage; we would go out and if men were fawning over me he would get so ridiculously jealous. It was embarrassing when he would get distort. I tried to leave him over and over again and found it wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t pay close enough attention to the prenuptial agreement that I couldn’t ever leave him. Divorce was not an option. It was till death do us part. I am a modern day Rapunzel. I am living in a massive Mediterrian style glasshouse prison waiting for the man that sits before me to die, or my knight in shinning armor that doesn’t exist, or for the glass to shatter me into shreds until I died. Life isn’t a fairy tale. It is real. The books I had read as a child; never told me of this. I was taken out of my daydream with him coughing. His face was red and his temper about to flare, so I snapped to action and did what he loves; gave him my undivided attention and a stroke of his leg with mine. “Were you listening to me my dear? Or were you thinking of that young stud that was serving us?” I had to be convincing. I took a slow breath in and out, “No, dear. I was thinking of our trip that we are supposed to take this weekend. I am so looking forward to being alone with you; no business just time spent with each other like in the beginning. I have no interest him when I have you.” “Yes you do and don’t forget it.” I was grinding my teeth, but showing a sweet sincere innocent smile. My thoughts felt so wrong, but I knowing they were right. “Never my dearest.” “It would be a enticing to see you with him though. It is has been a long time since you have delighted me in that way. I remember the very first time you indulged me in that way. I am a lucky man to have you, as you are to have me. Should I ask him over this evening?” “I thought you had enough of those games? You know how jealous you get when you think I am enjoying it with the other man.” “You are my wife to do as I wish. True, it delighted and unsettled me too. If you weren’t so beautiful; like a lovely work of art, and if men didn’t want you so; I could probably keep my composure. I have fired men from fawning after you so when we have gone to dinner parties.” I could feel the anger build inside of me. I kept my composure. “I am beautiful because of how well you treat me dear, but if you don’t mind dear; not tonight. I want to be alone with you. It has been a hard week for you and I have missed you. I want to help you relax. We can have this fine dinner and then it can be just you and I.” “You missed me?” This game worked in my favor every now and then. I had to put on my best performance even if I didn’t want to have his touch upon my skin or feel the warmth of his breath on my neck. Over the years he has become grotesque with his lovemaking. It used to be something I enjoyed, but of late it was like torcher. To have a man being intimate with you when you prayed he would have a heartache; then I could be free. “Of course dear. I have the prettiest lingerie just for you. True, I am your wife and what is it of a wife but to please her husband.” With ever word I spoke I wanted spew. “It is comforting to know you still love me.” Oh, I love you. I would love to see you drop dead. “Always; till death do us part dear.” Tonight was going to be the end of this charade.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


I thank you for the pain and hardship, for it has given me the strength and desire to prove to myself that I can do bad all by myself. I say that but it is all good, for I am going to be just fine. I don't need you or your kind. I might didn't listen to the lessons that were taught me as I was young, but as time has passed and I have become this grown woman I know the mistakes I have made and I have to fix them to move on to a better place in my spirit. You can get in my face and say I am not worthy or not worth any thing, but as Tuc-Pac said it best, "only GOD can judge me." Yes, only God almighty. He didn't give me this life to be your doormat or for you to disrespect me. I AM SOMEBODY. Yes, I am someone significant to my life and this world. You might not see or you have probably never seen it or appreciate it, but I am here to tell you. I am here to stay until God almighty calls me back to him. You call me names, look at me as if I am lower than an ant, cheat on me, put your hands on me, and you thought I take it; well you are the fool. For there you go in the handcuffs, as they tuck your head down to put you in the back sit of there black and white, and I sign the papers to have you where you need to be; away from me and behind bars. "Give me strength dear Lord to get through it all. I beg of you. I know you are not going to forsake me. If I can get through this then I know I can get through anything. I know one day you will be out from behind that cell, and back on the streets, but when you come to me you best come correct. I am stronger, wiser, and prouder of myself. I have had more than enough. When I wake and lay my head down to sleep I will call out his name and thank him for my life. I will live. I will be GOD's child the way he meant for me. I know GOD doesn't get enough of me calling his hame, but I have had enough of you. (To women that have gone through pain from a man or even one that didn't respect you. I do respect, appreciate you, love you, and I know you are going to be just fine.) MOZETTE

Thursday, September 19, 2013


If at anytime you have asked yourself this question, "why am I here?" You are not alone in the answer. I myself think that I do have a purpose in this life and to post on this blog I ask myself, "Is this for me?" I answer myself; that it is not doing any harm in what I post, for I do believe whatever moves me or whatever comes from my spirit and soul to say; then this is just one of many avenues to express myself. No, I do not have answers, but I think instead of asking yourself why you are here; one should maybe ask "what should I do while I am here?" If you look at the beach and the grains of sand and then look at the universe; consider yourself like the grain of sand. Each grain of sand makes the beach; just like each person no matter the age, race, religion, culture, gender, or even sexually preference makes this earth whole. I hope you find your answers to your life and if I can humbly ask of you to pray for me to still find my way. “Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others; to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. I am going to have kind thoughts towards others, I am not going to get angry or think badly about others. I am going to benefit others as much as I can.” ― Dalai Lama XIV Peace be with you all! Mozette

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I didn't want to open the door and leave you, but it had to happen. The love we once had was gone. It was a time to make a change in my life then and there. I looked at you with tears in your eyes. I looked around the place we use to call our "Love Haven"; no longer was it that anymore. Did I want to go? No, but I couldn't live in a lie any longer. My decision did not come easy, for I lost so many nights of sleep and during the day I would scream, cry, and want to end my life. I knew that was not for me to do. I had a life to live and I was going to live it for probably the first time. It is said, "you can do bad by yourself." Well, I was going to find out how much of that was going to true, for I believe I already had the bad when I found you with another. When you hit bottom; from there has to be up. I picked up my bags and looked at you as to look right through you, for you were not the person I thought I knew. I guess I didn't. In the vows, "to death till we part", well I wasn't going to wait till death, for it was killing me to be here any longer with you. I lier, cheat, loss love, and a person that I couldn't trust. When I reached the door I wanted to stop, but I opened it, for I knew if I try to stay again I wouldn't have a life to live.I heard you call out my name as I walked out the door as I said "good-bye" for the last time. As I heard the door close behind me I heard the screams that I had screamed so many times and heard the tears that I had cried so many times. Now it was your turn to hurt. I walked down the stairs to the outside and took a deep breath in and out. I felt like I was breathing for the first time; as I walked down the street to destination unknown. I was going to go where I couldn't hurt anymore; away from you. A man walked past me and asked what time it was? I replied, "it was time for good-bye."

Thursday, August 8, 2013


All can be gone in a blink of a eye. That is just how fast it was when he left. It is like he was only with her for a moment and then he was gone. As she stood in front of the cold stone she dropped down to her knees to pray. In her mind she says, "Why him? Why did you take him from me? When will I join him?" It was like life had been taken from her when he left her life. It was someone she wanted and wished was not gone. The tears fell from her eyes without any control. She couldn't stop crying. She wanted to, but it wouldn't. Her heart was breaking. She fell even further to the ground pounding on the ground as if he could hear her. She wanted him back. In her mind she knew she could not go one this way. All her hopes and dreams left with him. The wind blew and yet she did not feel the cold. The rain started to pour and she did not feel the water, only her own tears. The pain was more than she could bare. All went silent as she prayed. She looked up at the heavens as the rain poured down her face and she begged, pleaded, and scream, "bring him back to me." All of a sudden the wind and rain stopped, and the clouds parted with sunlight streaming down to her. She heard a voice that seemed to come from nowhere. "He was not yours to have. You did not own him. He is my child; just like you are. Dry your tears, get off your knees. Be assured he is with me. You say you have faith and love in me; then all is going to be fine." She saw know one. She quieted herself. She took and deep breaths in and out as the clouds hide the sunlight. She look at he cold stone and read what was there. "Time is precious like a new born babe." She had never noticed that before. She dusted herself off. She kissed the head stone and said, "I will be with you one day...but today is not that day." She walked away and prayed.

Monday, July 29, 2013


They called it, “The Empty Nest Syndrome.” I guess it would be true for me. Besides my youngest son getting ready to graduate from high school and based on the conversations, the applications processed and paid for, and even visits to schools; I gather I am going to have to get ready for him to be off to college and leave the nest called, “HOME.” It is the right of passage of a young man becoming a man. He going to test his wings and fly from the mother bird....ME! I knew it was going to happen one day: I just didn't think it would come so fast. I can still remember the day he was born. Even the scent of skin as they bundled him up in his blanket and permitted me to hold him and lay my first kiss upon his forehead; I still remember as if it was yesterday. It was a happy and sad time of my life. Sad for I knew in this little babies future; like the others; he was going to grow up. You want that for them. To grow as healthy as possible and as strong, so one day they could start the journey of adulthood. When I look at him now and all that he has been going through; I have come to the reality that he doesn’t have a clue what this is all doing to me. I can’t speak for him and his feelings of what is going on for him, but for me I am just at a loss. I do believe it is some other syndrome I am going through; which is pure loneliness. I can’t blame anyone but myself for this, but I can be disappointed in the men I have met and nothing has come out of them for me or even my son, but as one would say..."one monkey doesn't stop the show." I made up my mind long ago that I would give it all I had to raise this young man and even his other siblings. I left my parent’s home by a marriage, had children, had a divorce and yes I have met other men, but I have not ever been alone. I have always had someone with me. This is truly a new chapter in my life and I don’t want it to be painful, but enjoyable. I want to celebrate the work I have done in my past with my parenting and now look forward to what is going to happen in whatever the future has in store for me. I have no idea, but I am putting my feelers out there to get me on a fantastic path. I want to dance, sing, scream or shout joyfully, and most of all praise GOD for giving me the opportunity to do the things I have done and the things he will permit me to continue to do…LIVE. So my dear high and keep your head to the sky. Fly birdie fly.


GOD is me and I am GOD. You are GOD and GOD is you. We are all the same. God created the heavens and earth..the universe. God created man. So, why some want to separate from each other. We are one. I look in the mirror and see this woman and yes then I see the color of my skin, but I see me first. I am labeled by a name that was given to me by my parents, but when I step out in society and I am labeled by the color of my skin and by the figure of my shape of a woman. Why can't we just see a person. Walking upon this earth; that unfortunately has boundaries. When you look at earth from a distant view; you do not see separations just land masses. We should be able to go to one place to another and not be judged or looked as different. It a shame that we can not look at each other as GOD's children and look from his eyes. I only call him ...him, for I do not think he has a physical form, but that is how we can seem to relate to GOD. Peace to all. Open your eyes and see further that what you see in a person, place, or thing. MOZETTE

Thursday, July 25, 2013


"What you doing laying in that bed? GET UP!! You think this world owes you again thing? What you feeling sorry for yourself? Do you think the world cares? It does and it doesn't. It is a 50/50 chance; a gamble if you want to call it that you will make it in this world, but it is a 100% chance that you can if you put your best foot foreword." When you were a baby in your mother's arms, she put you down, you crawled and then pulled yourself up; possibly from the edging of a coffee table and you showed her signs then and there that YOU wanted to walk. Oh, yeah you fell down a few times, but you got back up. Life is like that. You start and for some reasons it doesn't work they way you thought it would, but with determination and fortitude you got yourself back out in the game...the game of life. It is the same process in life. You try, you fall, but it is up to you to pick yourself back up. There are many organizations out here in the United States (I can't say for other countries...sorry), but you have to look for them or ask about them. They are not going to know you are there or even know that you need there assistance. "So, what you boo hooing about? Get out of that bed, clean up, get dressed, eat something, turn on the computer, use your web browser..Bing or Google or whatever you use and start searching." The town, city, state, or even the country you live in does not want to have to deal with a grown person acting like a baby. Baby are helpless. If you have ANY abilities at all then; use them. If not then go back to school for a degree, or get a certificate at the school for retraining yourself a skill. You be surprised what you have deep inside of you that wants to get out and be a profitable human being. Eventhoughs with our handicaps can be retrained and yes, need more assistance, but it can be done. If you know of someone that feels that their life is not of self worth; then help in assisting them if you know what it will take to get them started. Don't lecture them, don't fuss at them, just have a quiet talk with them, but by all means listen. We are here to help each other. Pass it on...goodness, kindness, care, and most of all love. Show some love to someone today and for the rest of your life. It will come back to you in such a way you will not believe and it will be all good. Now, I am not promising it will be easy, but it will and can happen. You are going to have to retrain your way of thinking. Do not use the words: I can't, it is hard, I am too challenged, I am not smart, or anything in those terms that put you back in that bed. So instead say; I CAN, I WILL, I HAVE IT GOING ON, LET ME PUT THIS IN ACTION, I AM WORTHY. Ones spirit will soar. You will possibly makes leaps and bounds with your life. I wish you all the best, but first....GET UP FROM BED; OH you must have; you're reading this blog. Wish you the best...but do.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


You work as hard as you can to be a "good girl" when you are a daughter to your parents and especially in the eyes of your mother. Here it is your have a woman that had a past and has had three daughters that she raised; not alone, but at that time in the 50's where the woman was in the home. Yes, she was awarded the opportunity to do so; whether it was by chose or forced, but I can still hear her voice when she was raising me. It was more times than not; the voice of disappointment. I recently was speaking with my mother on the phone and she was curious why my son wasn't working this summer. I thought I come through the phone to shout at her, but took a deep breath and informed her that he had tried; not that it was any of her business, but reminded her of his past health that almost took him from me and let her know he couldnt find a job because of his age. Prior week it was mentioned of my own placement in the workforce. I had to remind her again that I was going to school, but she was only interested if it was something for getting a job...not for my fullfillment. I was disppointed, for you can tell then that she never really heard the conversations we had had in the past about why I was going back to college and what area of study I was wanting my degree in, for my own pleasure and my own personal accomplishments. It is like she never ever heard me. Now that was something that was upsetting. All she was interested in was if the classes were to award me a chance to go back to the working force. She didn't even remember that I had worked for many years...literally worked my backside off, was injured, was placed disabled and even went to court; which the judge proclaimed I was able to be in the status of retired and that I needed to take the timeout to heal. My mother forgot all about this. All she wanted to know if I was getting a degree so I could go back to work. I wanted to scream and shout at her, but I didn't. I heard the voice of my belated father, "be a good girl." I wish he was physically there to hear her, for he would had put a stop to it all. I guess that is the only way she is going to see me doing something with my life is being back at work. I have never asked for her help with anything or even money, for I knew what the answer would be..."No". I figure if I was to be grown I take care of myself...that is what grown folk are suppose to do, but have heard that family you should be able to turn to for help if needed. That is not my mother philosphy or she has never let me feel that from her, so I do what I must to keep my life going as comfortable as possible. So taking a deep breath and hearing her on the other end wanting to end the call, for I could tell she knew I was aditated; I just calmly said good-bye and hung up the phone. Instantly after I hung up the phone I felt like that child again that was not pleasing her. Yes, I am her child, but I am a grown woman that has raised three children that are doing positive things in their lives, but still I feel I can never be good enough for her. Let's face it; even then I didnt and still don't "walk on water" now. I am far from perfect and I think that is what my mother wanted and still wants...PERFECTION. I wish she would look in the mirror and asked herself is she perfect or even if she was or is statisfied with her own life. It is not about blame; than it is more an understanding of this daughter. I do the very best I can in life. I have never tried to purposedly interrupt their lifes as I got older, while I was on my own, and even as I was married or raising my children. I snicker now, for this blog particularly is therapy. I want to stop hearing that voice of my childhood from her. I want to block it out. I have and will go forward with my life as I see fit and work harder to not let her get under my skin and maybe one day before one of us leaves this earth; she finally gets it. I can only hope. I thank you for those that read it and it wasn't to air my dirty laundry it was just to cleanse my spirit that is some ways still hurting. The "I" is the me...the writer of this blog. Peace to all. (Hearing the song "SMILE" by Tony Bennett now)...I am smiling

Friday, July 5, 2013


I have been giving thought to this more and more of late. Why do people think or even fathom the thought that outside sources or things should or could make them happy? If you are not happy with yourself or can make yourself happy; you are doing others an injustice to think they are going to make you happy. What it is; that they can be an extension of your happiness, but it is not there responsibility to make you happy. It isn't money, objects (yet it gives you the illusion of happiness), a sweet baby or child (yes they are endearing to look at and to hold), but they can't make you happy. It is something within you. Deep within you that no one can touch. Call it spiritual if you like; no harm done in that. I happen to think it is. Think about this....someone can make you upset, then they are robbing or you are allowing them to kill your joy...your happiness. You have the power within make YOU happy. I consider myself happy. Oh,there are times I am upset, disappointed (too many times to count), disgruntled, or even sad, but all in all happy. For me it is past being happy, but blissful; which is the supreme happiness. That spirit within that no one; not a soul outside of you can touch, reach, or even upset you. It is like a high and not with the usage of a drug to get you there. It is peaceful. It is like I you are floating...nirvana. If you are not on being Happy. It is there for all of us. From Love to you from MOZETTE

Saturday, June 8, 2013


I dedicate this to my youngest son....William-Lea whom graduated from his high school today...6/08/2013. Today was a day that any parent would be proud to announce and participate in...the graduation of their sons and daughters. No, you don't blood related to call yourself parent, for that is someone that has taken love, time, patience, endurance, sacrifice, and even income to see the child develop at this point in their life and education. I was one of those parents today. As the colors blue and gold streaming from his tassels and the swaying of his graduation and fro, form his body; he steps one foot in from of the other steadfast. My heart was full of not just pride, but the remembrance of the baby that is now a young man. Speeches were made by his peers that were chosen to stand upon the stage and reinforce encouragement; even though they too were graduating and making plans from their future. Speeches were made by the head of the school district and the principal of the students reassuring them that the hard work hard for the twelve years was for this day...there graduations from high school. It is said that; "one door closes and another opens." I believe that to be true, for as long as one is interested or intrigued, or desires, and or has the fortitude to want have accomplishments in their life...then yes it is true. Every one of the students had plans to go on to college; whether it to be a community college, a private college, a Ivy League college, a state college, and or the U.S. military...they made the choice. They were given a chose long before this day and as I looked upon the auditorium and my son, my heart was full, and the memories of the first day of freshman year washed swiftly in my mind and now looking upon him as he sat looking focused on the speeches, but I sure just wanting to have that paper in hand instead. I was proud of him and his peers. My son has had a successful and a questionable senior year to where I didn't think he would see this day...but with strength, endurance, love, support, fortitude, communication, and countless of prayers upon his health it is no longer the issue, nor his grades, for he had passed all. He stood there with his peers as if he was ready for battle. Steadfast and ready to receive his diploma; letting the world know he was prepared for whatever came his way. I, his mother, still with my parents have the right to have, but inside I still see him as my baby that is turning into a man. He will be soon entering into his University of choice and I will stand by his side as I get him ready to leave. I will not say good-bye..I will say this though...."dear son remember what you have been taught at home and at school. Don't let anyone deter you from your gold or your desires in this life. Please have a mind of your own. Let no one stop you from prospering and making this world a better place to live and thrive, and by all means love yourself first then others. Be proud of yourself first and other blessings will follow. One door closes...another will open as long as you do what you need to do to succeed. Love you and yes, I am very proud of you. Now get ready for the next phase of your education life. I will always be there if you need me, but be sure to call out for GOD first, for he always will come before me. Mozette (YOUR MOTHER)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


...I don't believe it; I spent the day not doing not anything special and it felt great. If you knew my personality then you would why this is such a milestone. Do you ever get in the state of mind---if you didn't do a chore, an errand, get out and about and be apart of the world in some capacity; that you were being a waste to human-kind? Well, I am here to tell you that you are not a waste. Sometimes you just need some ME TIME. Time for you to just chill, relax, take a breather, enjoy that cup of coffee or tea, take your time with your shower, take a long walk and not make it about "I have to do some exercising", and/ or being just a bum for the day. Well I am feeling like I just did the run in place like in the movie "ROCKY", where the actor Sylvester Stallone was on top of the Lincoln Memorial stairs, with arms up; that he achieved running those stairs without passing out. I DID IT!..and you can too. So, be a bum for a day and rejoice in it.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Boy to A Young Man

Here it is Mother's Day and yesterday I really felt it strongly. I watched my son get ready for his Senior Prom and all the memories of the young man flooded my mind like a strong wave from the ocean of memories. He had been anticipating this for some time and it now the time had come; preparation for the big event. It was fun and exhausting at the same time when we were shopping for his attire. I knew what he wanted, but he wasn't all sure how it would look; that is where this mother came into play. "Mom, help me." "You're sure." "Who else but you mom." "My pleasure son. All I need to know is the color of your young ladies dress." "Royal blue mom." I had to make him understand that the color was easy, but it might not be the perfect match because of material difference. He understood and off we went. Since he didn't want the typical tux, but wanted the effect of that a tuxedo can have; we went shopping. It was a clerk like many that was out for the sale, but I cut him short, for I knew what he wanted and how I saw it. I was like a protective lioness with her cub. Being that I had many years experience of in sales; this was not going to be an issue of trying to persuade us or him. We just needed to know where everything of his outfit would be and take it from there...especially fitting. All was done; with the chose of a paisley patterned tie instead of a bow tie. I took everything to the cleaners and just waited for the day. Yesterday was fun for he wanted a certain style and cut to his hair and I was in full agreement, for a senior prom was only once in your life and I trusted him of his taste in hair style. See; when are very involved in the raising your children or child and if you gave them good advice or guided there hands in many ways in a positive ways then you will have the joy as I did to see the outcome. The hour had came to get going and as he walked to the car my heart swelled with joy. He looked so good. The baby had became this young man. He wasn't holding my hand, but letting me hand go to go on his way. As I drove up to the young ladies house; her family members were there waiting for he big event for the young people. He went in the house as if he was at him and was greeted by her family. She came to join the family and the admiration was on a high for both her and him. They looked as if they were attending the Oscars. They were matched perfectly. It was like having paparazzi; with the cameras clicking and a camcorder filming the event. You forget about the money spent and just took in the moment. Tears swelled in my eyes, for I so wanted my father to see his grandson take his young ladies hand, but I guess from my eyes and heart he was there. My son stood tall, proud, and proud as he took her hand and they posed for pictures. In my heart I didn't want them to go. I just wanted time to stand still, but it was not going to be. We all fussed over them and before you knew it they were on there way. A young man taking his young lady to prom; making steps of being responsible young people. When he arrived home safe and sound and earlier than I set his curfew; I knew all was well. You do the best you can as a parent for they don't come with a manual when they come from you, so all you can do is pray you taught them the values, morals, manners, and the steps of a life they are going to be taking steps of there own and they do well. My boy is now this young man. You have made my proud my son, but you did the day you were born. Thank you dear for including me. Mozette


Here it is Mother's Day and this is just for those that are mothers. In the modern and diverse world we live in now; this could be for a man or a woman. I am not one to judge. As long as you are mothering; then this is for you all. Mother is more than just the birthing a child, but she is the protector, nutritionist, mentor, health provider, teacher, giver of hopefully spiritual guidance, and most of all the devoted unconditional love. The position that is not to be taken for granted. It should be considered a blessing. Not all can give birth or even have a child for one reason or another, so those that have or considered it; then please take it seriously. It is not easy, but nor is it hard…consider it a new direction in life that also has it challenges. Not all women can be mothers and not all mothers have to give birth to a child to be consider a mother. To all you MOTHERS...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. Not just for this day for as long as you are here upon this earth. Thank you MOTHER EARTH MOZETTE

Saturday, May 4, 2013


It comes as a simple word, but has such power behind it. What do you want? Not the same as the word need, for that word has a different definition altogether. Plain and simple, WANT is what you desire. You want to have a nice life, you want to find the love of your life, you want the perfect marriage, you want the new model Mercedes, you want....I think you get the jest of it. Well then ask you yourself what you do want? On the network ABC; there is a series called, "SCANDAL", that just showed on this past Thursday night--5/2/2013; Season 2--episode 20, entitled "A Woman Scorned." To me it was one of the most powerful and symbolic episodes I have been viewing. I am not going to tell you the whole show from the beginning of the broadcast, but this one was talking to me so loud that I had to stand and take notice. There was a scripted line in it that went "....if you want me earn me." Now that was a powerful statement. Many men think that they can play with women emotions, yes treat them like a toy...we are not toys...if you think so then go to the TOY STORE and play. By the end of the episode the man told the woman, "watch me earn you." He did just that. He showed her how much he loved her and wanted her. LOVE IT! That is all it takes is for a man to fight or take a stand for the woman that he loves. It is not just for men to do it for women, but women for men. It is a 50/50 affair. I don't know what happen to this fight for love for each other and if we as couples or the one that you love that you forgot or didn't have a clue. Well it is time for those that love each other know what you want and get a clue. Women do want to feel wanted. As the song goes...when a man loves a woman....!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


"Ole Lord, I have tried to do as you wish and want of me to do. I am the human that you made and I do appreciate it, but these lessons are getting hard to bare." One does what one does to make one happy, but does one deserve the other. I have dropped on these knees and I gather I will drop again. I will do what is right. "Just give me another day to do what I have to do to honor you." In the dark of my room and I think and pray to you. I know you hear me and I wish I could hear you, but we weren't suppose to hear you like we humans hear each other. We are suppose to get you message by the things that happen around us. For example: If I complain of walking to much to get to where have to go---you put in my path a man or woman that have no legs and they are doing what they have to do to get to there destination. In my heart; I hear you my Lord savior. You are not complex; just we have so many choices that I find it hard to make the right one. I hit my head ( not physically )so many times and you think I get the message, but then all of sudden I get it. Yes, we are a stubborn species, but you made us and you love us unconditional. As I am in my darken room I feel you with me here. In song, in the light scent that is in the air, the thoughts even that I am writing on this manmade document, or the feelings that are swelling in my chest. One deserves the another; if I am to have you in my life then I am to honor you. Thank you MOZETTE

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I am going to climb on the mountain top and tell the just take my breath away. I would rejoice in taking that hike to the highest mountain top and scream it to the top of my lungs until all the air has left me. Making testimony of the love for someone. How does that sound to you? Yes, I am asking you. Think of it...breath....the air your lungs need to help the blood that pumps to the heart and the oxygen to the brain to keep you alive. Something so powerful that someone can take your breath away. It could kill you but it is such a powerful way to be in love that you don't mind. Cause you have been completed. Mozette

Thursday, April 4, 2013


We have all been there; electronic stores that sale computers, televisions, cell-phones...etc. It was once again my turn to take a trip to my near-by electronic store that starts with a "B" and browse about with the desire and need to purchase a new laptop. Why a new one? Well when Windows came out with the software of Vista with any new purchase of a laptop then all the news was out that it wasn't what it was supposed to be...efficient. Instead it became a software NIGHTMARE. Now when Microsoft figured this out they developed and had ready for you to purchase Windows 7. Am I complaining? You dang right. Now I was happy with the choice of laptop, but the idea of having it to be with me on the go was great. It was now about convenience. It would had been nice of Microsoft; even considerate; if those that had registered their computers that they just couldn't just give us the new that was asking of too much. The worse of it was that it happen after my receipt had ended for a 15 day exchange of return, so I was stuck. I wasn't going to buy the new was all about the principal of it all. To this present day it is not Windows 8. The apps of many and the capability of touching your screen for faster response. I must admit I enjoyed it when I was showed in the store and yes I bought a new laptop of a smaller size for even more convenience. Unfortunately, I had to return two systems and now I am on my third; at least this time I am doing it with the return or exchange policy. They say, "three is the charm." I am still working on the charm; even as I write this post I am seeing what it can do and thus far I am somewhat pleased...happy...getting there. I have to say that it has had it's issues of downloading applications, but I am thinking that they (developers in the industries for the software) are developing products too fast and not really taking more time out to develop...they are just about getting you all hyped up and making that all mighty dollar. True capitalist. So if you think it is all about the good of man and your convenience...think again. MOZETTE