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Monday, December 24, 2012

Something Old Made Anew

It has been so much bloodshed and harm done to innocent people; that today outside the window that I rest; I saw a bird rebuild a nest. It was a sign of hope that something old would be made anew. It was a early Christmas present to me and I that I will treasure forever. Mozette Many blessings to all.

Friday, December 21, 2012


Some days have passed, but it still feels like yesterday of the news flashing on the television and internet of the TOWN OF NEWTOWN, CONN.; of the loss of the very young children and adults being gunned down; still linger. Here it was the start of a normal day; I can only believe at an elementary school of learning. Here it is almost Christmas when the kids would be either counting presents under their Christmas tree, or still trying to decide what cookies to bake for Santa, or running around the house just so excited that they don't know what to do with themselves, and or trying to be good so Santa would visit them Christmas Eve; but they are not. This is still breaking my heart and true I don't know what pain the parents or love ones are going through or the mindset of them either; I only know my heart does ache for you all. If nothing else comes from this the NRA will control the rights to bare arms and that; the community of Newtown come together as a huge family and continue to love, support, care, and most of all heal. To live in fear or in the way the negative power, or devil, or Lucifer, or Prince of Darkness.....the list goes on; is doing just wanted he wanted to have done; to have people in fear and to control them that way. That is letting him have the power. YOU MUST NOT LET HIM HAVE THE POWER. Please all that read this, or the community of Newtown, and or the Nations....if you believe in a higher positive force....God, Jehovah, or whatever POSITIVE source you believe and pray to....that you rebuke the Devil in GOD'S name....AMEN. Have hope, find peace, have love in your heart, do not live in fear, and by all means go forward not backward. It is not easy; but it can be done. For goodness sake please try to find some peace within. I am still Praying for you--the Town of NEWTOWN, CONN and the Nation. Peace to all and to all a good night. Ask yourself...What would Jesus have done?