From here to San Francisco

Saturday, October 13, 2012


As I walk along in the neighborhood today; as I do every day; I looked up and saw the clouds pass by and thought of the time that is going so fast. The clouds I look at now are not the same clouds I saw yesterday, or are they? I wonder; for this a different time of day and a different day of the week. Even as the seasons start to show signs of changing; I know time has something to do with it. The burst of a cool breeze wakes me of my trance on the clouds and thinking of the difference. I continue to walk and take in the sights that see every day, but today my thoughts are about how fast things are going. I saw a baby that is now in school, a dog that once was a puppy, and people moving in and out of the area. Things are changing constantly without me even being present all the time. Just think each blade of grass has changed; as well as the flowers; as well as the leaves that were green that are now browning and fluttering to the ground. “Nothing stays the same; everything must change”, when I heard it off a Quincy Jones album. Time seems to passing me by. I feel like I am standing still and everything around me is changing; everything but me. I still get up every blessed day and wonder what the day will bring. I think back of my childhood and wonder or try to remember if I was happy. No, I am not a child any longer; I am a grown woman with children of my own. It is not that I am sad of the changes, but wonder what I can do to change me. Am I in a rut? Am I stagnant? Or is it that I am just bored. I am not bored with life. I like to think I have a reason for being here upon this earth. I can hear the words of my eldest sister in my head. She told me when I was younger as she still tells me now as a grown woman, “be patient my dear. You have to have patience; everything you want that is meant to be yours will come in time.” I know the meaning of the word, but I thought I did have it…at least from time to time. See, there goes that word again. TIME!!! It seems that my wishes are so far out of reach. I stretch out my arms, I stretch my thoughts to it farthest thought, and I even keep working towards whatever my future is to be. Yes, I can say a future, for it is over until it is over and I am far from over. Even as I hear the clock tick; times is going by. STOP! WAIT A MINUTE! BE QUIET! PAUSE! TAKE A BREAK; HANDS OF THE CLOCK STOP FOR JUST A MOMENT. I guess it would be awful if I asked the earth to stop spinning, so I won’t. I am not trying to hurt anyone. Just catch up on some time, for I feel that there is more behind me than ahead of me. Mozette

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I stand there in the rain as it falls down hard all over my body making my clothes cling. I put my head back so I could feel the softness of the rain fall and slide upon my face. I don't seem to mind though, for the coolness of the rain controls the feeling I have deep inside of me for him. Yes, there is a burning deep inside of me since we first touched. I remember when I first time I had him as a man and woman in thier most intimate way. It was the most explosive time I had ever had. All he did was to touch my hand soft and slow and I thought I would just melt. I didn't think he would have such a power over me but he did. He asked if he could he kiss me and I like a fool said, "yes!" I returned his kiss which such passion that I had to catch my own breath. His hands roamed on my body as if he was touching familiar grounds. His lips touched mine and his tongue in my mouth warm, slow, and easy. The warmth of his mouth and breath was refreshing as if I was getting new breath to me. CPR could not be that good, for he brought me alive with his kiss. He continued on my neck, my shoulders as he removed my straps from them and then pulled me close to feel the smoothness of my skin. I thought I pass out. Oh how I wanted him but should I, for his touch was as right as rain.