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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nora Ephron....Scripts Well Written

As I opened my lap top and the news coming across one of my websites; I was immediately saddened by the news of the passing of Nora Ephron. I salute you; not in the way a military personal would perform, but by tears, laughter, long sighs, smile, words in which I would had said to a man, or blowing you a sweet kiss...woman to woman of the words you wrote that you created as scripts and in books. I thank you for the memories, for they will never be forgotten. I remember the first time I saw "Harry met Sally" and related, laughed, and moved by the movie. It is amazing how one can get so involved in books and movies, yet at times you can see yourself in the scenes. I won't say we have lost you, for as long as we still are very much still alive. Applauding you MOZETTE

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pass It On...For aren't we here to take care of each other

Every now and again you can come across a bit of news that can inspire, touch, make you happy and/or sad, yet it does reach out to you. This blog did just that to me. I lost my father to cancer and I am sure many others have as well. It saddens me with all the science we can not find a cure for it or for AIDS, but when a person comes out of nowhere and donates something as I sure as precious as her wedding ring to donate for the cure of cancer that is a good and endearing heart; as well as a blessing of a gift. It amazes me that so many that have, huge homes, expensive cars, and other expensive items, yet they don't do anything or at least donate money and pass some of it on. This woman took a chance to leave the wedding ring in a hospital chapel and that it would get to the correct hands. They say there are no such things as accidents...this woman EKG Technician that found it was suppose to be the one to find it. For it to be left in the Chapel I can only think that the woman felt it was a sacred and safe place to leave it behind to be found. I would like to think we are here to take care of each other in as well as we can and as caring as we can be. I would like to think that we are not all bad, but there is a lot of good still on this earth. This was just one way to help me keep faith that there is HOPE for us all. MOZETTE PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL!!!