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Monday, December 24, 2012

Something Old Made Anew

It has been so much bloodshed and harm done to innocent people; that today outside the window that I rest; I saw a bird rebuild a nest. It was a sign of hope that something old would be made anew. It was a early Christmas present to me and I that I will treasure forever. Mozette Many blessings to all.

Friday, December 21, 2012


Some days have passed, but it still feels like yesterday of the news flashing on the television and internet of the TOWN OF NEWTOWN, CONN.; of the loss of the very young children and adults being gunned down; still linger. Here it was the start of a normal day; I can only believe at an elementary school of learning. Here it is almost Christmas when the kids would be either counting presents under their Christmas tree, or still trying to decide what cookies to bake for Santa, or running around the house just so excited that they don't know what to do with themselves, and or trying to be good so Santa would visit them Christmas Eve; but they are not. This is still breaking my heart and true I don't know what pain the parents or love ones are going through or the mindset of them either; I only know my heart does ache for you all. If nothing else comes from this the NRA will control the rights to bare arms and that; the community of Newtown come together as a huge family and continue to love, support, care, and most of all heal. To live in fear or in the way the negative power, or devil, or Lucifer, or Prince of Darkness.....the list goes on; is doing just wanted he wanted to have done; to have people in fear and to control them that way. That is letting him have the power. YOU MUST NOT LET HIM HAVE THE POWER. Please all that read this, or the community of Newtown, and or the Nations....if you believe in a higher positive force....God, Jehovah, or whatever POSITIVE source you believe and pray to....that you rebuke the Devil in GOD'S name....AMEN. Have hope, find peace, have love in your heart, do not live in fear, and by all means go forward not backward. It is not easy; but it can be done. For goodness sake please try to find some peace within. I am still Praying for you--the Town of NEWTOWN, CONN and the Nation. Peace to all and to all a good night. Ask yourself...What would Jesus have done?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Push On

You know when you have life's little surprises? No, I am not talking about a baby, but that can be life altering for some, but no; I am talking about things that just happen without any notice that cause conflict in your life. Okay, get over the thought of saying," a baby can do that." This is not what this is about. This is about a test; "Yee of little faith" passage comes to mind. Life can throw you curves that totally rock your world and not in a good way. In ways that you have to make new decisions, new changes, new outlooks. It doesn't have to be bad alteration, but alteration just the same. For example when you were a kid...are you doing just what you thought you would be doing at the age you are now. Now if there are any young person reading this blog; granted I be touched, but you still have a ways to go in your life; not unless it was something of your health that had to make a new change in your life...then I guess this could be for you too. Everything does change. It is how we deal with the change that makes us GREAT, SUCCESSES, CONQUERERS, LEADERS, DOERS, MOVERS and or SHAKERS push through it to make it so. I guess I am trying to say is, you don't like how things are...CHANGE IT! You don't like how you are feeling spiritually..CHANGE IT! Think of it this way; look at a tree. The leaves are there then by a period of time they start to fall; then before know it time has passed and you see blossoms then new leaves. It is the same tree just with new leaves. The spirit and the soul of the tree haven't changed. Oh, yes it has aged, but it is still the same tree. Look at yourself in the mirror. Yes, you can have a Michael Jackson "MAN IN THE MIRROR" moment or then if that is the case think of or listen to the song by Patti LaBelle, "NEW ATTITUDE", and get inspired. You don't have change are perfect how you could be just the surroundings or people in your life that are making you feel...out of place or different. Either way....if you are feeling or going through it....FIX IT. Happy Holidays...Good Will Towards Men....Peace! I love you all in my way. Yes, I am going through it too. I am only human,not just words typed out on this blog. Peace to ALL! MOZETTE

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Round like a circle in a spiral; like wheel within a wheel; never ending or beginning; on a ever spinning wheel; like a snow ball down a mountain; or a carnival balloon, or a like a carousal that is burning, running rings around a moon, like a clock who's hands are sweeping past the minutes of his face, and the world is like a an apple floating silently in space like the circles that you find like the windmills of your mind..... When I think of this song that is called "Windmills of Your Mind" sung by Sting; I can't think of how things do change and that we change with then if we chose to change with it. Time has a lot to do with it, but it is more than that….it is just life and what life hands to you. Love, life, time, images, dreams, thoughts, and whatever else you consider apart that makes your life. Think of it!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


As I walk along in the neighborhood today; as I do every day; I looked up and saw the clouds pass by and thought of the time that is going so fast. The clouds I look at now are not the same clouds I saw yesterday, or are they? I wonder; for this a different time of day and a different day of the week. Even as the seasons start to show signs of changing; I know time has something to do with it. The burst of a cool breeze wakes me of my trance on the clouds and thinking of the difference. I continue to walk and take in the sights that see every day, but today my thoughts are about how fast things are going. I saw a baby that is now in school, a dog that once was a puppy, and people moving in and out of the area. Things are changing constantly without me even being present all the time. Just think each blade of grass has changed; as well as the flowers; as well as the leaves that were green that are now browning and fluttering to the ground. “Nothing stays the same; everything must change”, when I heard it off a Quincy Jones album. Time seems to passing me by. I feel like I am standing still and everything around me is changing; everything but me. I still get up every blessed day and wonder what the day will bring. I think back of my childhood and wonder or try to remember if I was happy. No, I am not a child any longer; I am a grown woman with children of my own. It is not that I am sad of the changes, but wonder what I can do to change me. Am I in a rut? Am I stagnant? Or is it that I am just bored. I am not bored with life. I like to think I have a reason for being here upon this earth. I can hear the words of my eldest sister in my head. She told me when I was younger as she still tells me now as a grown woman, “be patient my dear. You have to have patience; everything you want that is meant to be yours will come in time.” I know the meaning of the word, but I thought I did have it…at least from time to time. See, there goes that word again. TIME!!! It seems that my wishes are so far out of reach. I stretch out my arms, I stretch my thoughts to it farthest thought, and I even keep working towards whatever my future is to be. Yes, I can say a future, for it is over until it is over and I am far from over. Even as I hear the clock tick; times is going by. STOP! WAIT A MINUTE! BE QUIET! PAUSE! TAKE A BREAK; HANDS OF THE CLOCK STOP FOR JUST A MOMENT. I guess it would be awful if I asked the earth to stop spinning, so I won’t. I am not trying to hurt anyone. Just catch up on some time, for I feel that there is more behind me than ahead of me. Mozette

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I stand there in the rain as it falls down hard all over my body making my clothes cling. I put my head back so I could feel the softness of the rain fall and slide upon my face. I don't seem to mind though, for the coolness of the rain controls the feeling I have deep inside of me for him. Yes, there is a burning deep inside of me since we first touched. I remember when I first time I had him as a man and woman in thier most intimate way. It was the most explosive time I had ever had. All he did was to touch my hand soft and slow and I thought I would just melt. I didn't think he would have such a power over me but he did. He asked if he could he kiss me and I like a fool said, "yes!" I returned his kiss which such passion that I had to catch my own breath. His hands roamed on my body as if he was touching familiar grounds. His lips touched mine and his tongue in my mouth warm, slow, and easy. The warmth of his mouth and breath was refreshing as if I was getting new breath to me. CPR could not be that good, for he brought me alive with his kiss. He continued on my neck, my shoulders as he removed my straps from them and then pulled me close to feel the smoothness of my skin. I thought I pass out. Oh how I wanted him but should I, for his touch was as right as rain.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Powerful Affect

Have you ever been read to or had listening to someone speak and it moves in ways that you didn't think possible. It happened to me last night and of all places in my Film Appreciation class in college. I have listened to a lot of words spoken to me or hearing someone speak, but to have me want to get up and cheer, scream, shout, cry out, feel love, passion, strength, even cause me to think of a lover in my past, and/ or to make you seem like you are the only one in the room they are speaking to and you are the only one really get what the person is happen to me. I love it. No, I worshipped it, but not just words; they were poems. A collection of words that were put together in a way that it could had been lyrics to a song. I thank you Saul Williams for how you spoke in the 1998 movie "SLAM". Praise you! Your gift and the blessings that have been bestowed onto you; that I had the pleasure to engross into your words. May GOD keep you writing poetry, songs, and giving you a VOICE. Thank you! Mozette

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


To those of us that know the difference between real or unreal, fiction or non-fiction, fantasy or realism; then we go to a movie theater you are there to be entertained not to be feared to go and watch something on the big screen. You don't go into the place of entertainment thinking something awful is going to happen, yet it did. Yes, I am referring to the horrific occurrence at the Aurora, CO movie theater viewing of the new movie "DARK KNIGHT RISES"; where we have lost lives as young as 6 years old and other badly injured, but easily I think I can say a whole country in traumatized especially those in Aurora, CO. Whatever gives you peace or to make you whole again after hearing this news and still hearing of the outcome of it I can on say...find it. Find some way to get peace within as quickly as possible. True; I don't know that hardship or even the pain that the people from that theater that horrific night are feeling, but my prayers are with you all. I just recently took my son of 16 yrs. to the see the movie, yet we were both on guard. We look at the people as they came into the theater differently, for we actually were paying attention to them, but trying to enjoy the movie. Once we made up our minds and shared words of love for each other we began to sit back, relax, and see a movie we had been looking forward to for months. We were not going to let fear stop us from our joy. The movie was well done and we thoroughly enjoyed it, but in my mind as his mother I hated that one man was able to cause panic and even skepticism about going to see this movie. I have to say I hate he caused me to test my faith...but faith prevailed; eventhough this just doesn't seem real, but it is....very real. Keep the faith and by all means heal. With MUCH LOVE MOZETTE

Friday, July 6, 2012


If any of my readers have teenagers that are athletes; then I commend you and wish you all the best. I am a parent of a teenage sixteen year old young man that plays basketball. When he is not studying he is palming a basketball. The only reason why I bring this up is because two years ago he was rushed to the hospital for an exhilarated heart rate that took a good long time to settle down. One day he was playing basketball; doing what comes natural....running up and down the court, but unfortunately hadn't been on the court for awhile and the heart wasn't ready for the strenous activity. I was like someone taking a fast dash on a running track and just learned how to get his rhythm done for his stride. He was going along just fine till it just hit him. So happens that same year there were many young people around his age group that were dropping dead on the court whilst playing. No, I am not trying to make you worry or even scare you; I am just letting you know that it is extremely important that your children get regular check-ups, that they learn how to read signs that something is not right with there bodies, and that you should teach them about the ego of a person; for it can get in the way of rational thinking. Time has passed and he has been doing just fine. I inform him to get into shape before going back on the courts. Just recently though he was just playing with some guys and a young man a lot bigger than him slammed into is chest. Besides his muscles around his sternum hurting; his heart starting racing again. The school called me and the ambulance which they were instructed to take him to his cardiologist's hospital. I rather he had gone there than just some emergency room; so they can take test but then tell him, "make an appointment and see what your doctor has to say." I nipped that right in the bud. His doctorwas paged and saw him instantly. He took every test necessary for hours until he felt that it was safe enough for him to go home insted of being admitted to the hospital for further test. My son was instructed to stay from the courts until he had seen him for a follow-up appointment. Weeks had past and my son told me that he was feeling no pain what-so-ever and asked me if he could play. I could had said no; but I knew he was full aware of the conscequences if it possibly reacurred. That morning of the game I asked him, "how do you feel? Not just physically but mentally as well?" He replied, "I feel just fine mom. Don't worry!" "Worry? I replied, "dear I will worry no and forever because I love you. True you are not a baby anymore; but growing into a man. I have to let you think of what you want to do and you are going to have to make the decision. So, if you feel that you can, but understand if you feel anything that you were feeling before then signal to the referee and get off the court and talk to your coach." "I promise mom." If any of my readers have teenagers that are athletes; then I commend you and wish you all the best. I am a parent of a teenage sixteen year old young man that plays basketball; if he is studying he is palming his basketball. He replied, "I feel just fine mom. Don't worry!" "Worry? Dear I will do that when you are not in my grasp, but you are not a baby anymore you are growing into a man and I have to let you. So, if you feel that you can, but understand if you feel anything that you were feeling before then signal to the referee and get off the court and talk to your coach." "I promise mom." Should I have said "no, you cannot play?" No, I didn't. I felt if something was going to happen to my son and he was fully aware of what could happen; then I had to let him fulfill his dream and pray I wasn't going to see him collapse. At this present time he is having issues again. I told him that it was time to stop and take the tests again and this time it was going to be a different type of thinking of his love of basketball and understand that it is just a GAME and not the only thing he had in his life. There comes a time you just have to say.....NO MORE! Parents out there that have young kids or young adults that you have born into this world and they have love for there sports....teach them how to listen to their bodies. Learn to really look into their eyes...for those eyes will tell you something, but I am hoping you are really intune with your kids. Don't lose your gifts over a athletic sport. Wishing you all the best! MOZETTE

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Past, Present, & Future

I have been thinking of late of my past, present, and future for some reason. Is it that some cosmic message is trying to get a message to me, or is it that I am at a loss of something in my life or even a need in my life? Whichever it is; it is haunting me like never before. I have been thinking a lot of a past love that goes by the initials R.B. It happens to be a man in my past when I was just a teenager. It has been over thirty-six years and yet he still haunts my thoughts. Using the word, "haunts", you would think it would be a bad thing, but it isn't. It is just that I thought I had closed that chapter, book, or him in my life, but I gather I haven't. I remember him like it was yesterday. Being that I had married and now have been divorced for so many many years, yet still single; only makes me think can I ever find that feeling again. You know...your first love? Yes, he was my real "first" love. It was back in the late 70's when by chance we met. As I had stated in one of my earlier blogs that there is no such things as accidents; so I guess I shouldn't call it chance. I have to smile with the thought of him now. He stood taller than I, quite slender in built, and had the eyes that made you want to bare all to him. As I was saying; I have been thinking of him. He was in my past, but he still seems to be in my present, but to have him in my future...I can only think what that could be like. They (society) say that, "you can't go back"; I don't think I am. I think it is just that I want to look at him one more time. Some years ago; back in the early 90's I had run across him by chance at my work place. We met up, talked, and I actually think I helped him to get back with his wife that he was currently separated from. Call me a fool, but I am the caring type. I know you could be saying, "you had your chance in having as yours again...right in your grasp...and you let him go." I know, but I could tell whilst he was talking he still cared for her. Was it love? I guess it was. I thought I was doing the unselfish act...doing the right thing. Did I do the right thing? Was that my last chance of happiness? Was that my chance to have him to myself again? Did I totally blow it? I guess I will never know and he will never know why I let him go back in the early 70's. It happens to be all because his mother only saw my skin color and not me. Yes, he was white and I was black, and that is all she saw is her son with a black young lady. I had never experienced prejudice openly before, so it was new to me. I didn't like it one bit. If she only knew that he proposed to me and I said no. She would have had a great daughter-in-law. I loved him dearly....and I still do. I guess when one is frozen in time warp; they can’t see that people and their ideals have change when it came to race and it mixing it with relationships. Did she not know that we were all created by love? That we all have it in us to love? Even being in a diverse city and time; I thought some could see past race or am I the one blinded. That was past, now I am in the present; I can only wonder what the future really has in store for me or am I still stuck in the past? I thank you, whoever you are for reading, but for letting me get that off my chest. Only time will tell! MOZETTE

Easier Said Than Done

"Deceiving other's; that's what the world calls romance." OSCAR WILDE If you could; take the time to really read that title. That title can go to many situations and instances of one's life. It can involve a relationships, friendships, work related, family, and/or any human being on this planet. You can make statements and promises that can compromise you without being aware of. We as men and women forget when we deal with other people that we are not clones of each other. Each of us have thoughts, feelings, and possibly aspirations different than your own. You might say, "I understand", but do you really understand the other persons feelings. You might say, "I will be there always", but are you really there spiritually or mentally. You want to do the right thing, but for some reason you just can't. Dealing with another person that is opposite your sex is not is complicated. If you want what you might think it through or you just go for it. It is not easy when you are dealing with feelings. When you are with a person; how about being real and honest with the other person. You might be surprise that you might actually enjoy the other persons company and making steps forward to something real. MOZETTE

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nora Ephron....Scripts Well Written

As I opened my lap top and the news coming across one of my websites; I was immediately saddened by the news of the passing of Nora Ephron. I salute you; not in the way a military personal would perform, but by tears, laughter, long sighs, smile, words in which I would had said to a man, or blowing you a sweet kiss...woman to woman of the words you wrote that you created as scripts and in books. I thank you for the memories, for they will never be forgotten. I remember the first time I saw "Harry met Sally" and related, laughed, and moved by the movie. It is amazing how one can get so involved in books and movies, yet at times you can see yourself in the scenes. I won't say we have lost you, for as long as we still are very much still alive. Applauding you MOZETTE

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pass It On...For aren't we here to take care of each other

Every now and again you can come across a bit of news that can inspire, touch, make you happy and/or sad, yet it does reach out to you. This blog did just that to me. I lost my father to cancer and I am sure many others have as well. It saddens me with all the science we can not find a cure for it or for AIDS, but when a person comes out of nowhere and donates something as I sure as precious as her wedding ring to donate for the cure of cancer that is a good and endearing heart; as well as a blessing of a gift. It amazes me that so many that have, huge homes, expensive cars, and other expensive items, yet they don't do anything or at least donate money and pass some of it on. This woman took a chance to leave the wedding ring in a hospital chapel and that it would get to the correct hands. They say there are no such things as accidents...this woman EKG Technician that found it was suppose to be the one to find it. For it to be left in the Chapel I can only think that the woman felt it was a sacred and safe place to leave it behind to be found. I would like to think we are here to take care of each other in as well as we can and as caring as we can be. I would like to think that we are not all bad, but there is a lot of good still on this earth. This was just one way to help me keep faith that there is HOPE for us all. MOZETTE PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine Day

"Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God." 1 John 4:7

"Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these."~~Mark 12:31

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just the love and be loved in return." ~~movie Moulin Rouge

"Every step I took since the moment I could walk was a step toward finding you." ~~ movie Message in a Bottle

It is soon will be that day that some enjoy or dread; it is Valentine's Day. My dear ones you are loved; trust me you are. If not in the physical with another human being or pet, but I am hoping at least by oneself. If you are in the belief of GOD; then rest assure you are loved.

Love should not be projected by a certain day placed upon a calendar because of some saint in past history, but everyday of your life.

If you are one of those that believe you should receive the usual flowers or candies...I have an idea for for yourself. Go to your favorite candy shop or florist and pick out what would put a smile on your face and say, "I do love me." Enjoy the day!


Saturday, February 4, 2012

They Say It is LOVE

To their children; whether from the mother or the father, yet they don't want to pay the child support. How can you say you love a child; when you don't even pay for the welfare of the child? I don't understand this type of love. If you love someone; isn't regardless of the situation; you do all that you can do even if you have to do something in your soul you know is wrong to make sure your child--the blood of your blood, the one from your seed, and the child you say t that; "I love you"---don't you do whatever means possible to rest assure that the welfare of the child is in your interest.

Guess what? To those that have the "DEAD BEATS"; that flee, that you loose contact with, that you find that hasn't pay the child support; you don;t have to take it. Call the Child Support Services, the IRS, and or the District Attorney, and let hit be known that the person is not doing there part. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE IT. DONT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT. There are even lawyers that work-- Now get busy and do what you have to do for your child.

You; the responsible parent is taking care of the child--I pray GOD you are; then remember it isn't is for the benefit for the CHILD and to give you some peace of mind. Aren't the children worth it? MOZETTE