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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Who's Really Hurting

President Obama is traveling about the United States making speeches about creating jobs and what is happening to the schools. Presently, October 18, 2011, he is in North Carolina and has seen schools where the number of students attending a class are up and that there is not enough money for school books. Well, that wouldn't happen if we brought manufacturing back to the U.S. and then you wouldn't have people losing there jobs and their homes; for public school system is based on the property taxes on the homes in the district.

Why not get this big businessmen to get those businesses back to the U.S. than in the overseas. We all have to face the fact it is all about grid when it comes to them getting the business operating overseas. When we had our companies and manufacturers here we had weren't hurting.

Think of it that it is in the bible..Solomon and his grid factor and read what happen to him.

Big businessmen are gridy and not thinking of the States but there own self that live in the states and they are not blinded to what is happening to this economy for all they have to do is go to working class neighborhoods and take a look.

This country is going to suffer for if you can't supple a book to a student and you can't have a ratio of teacher to student...then what do you think will happen to the UNITED STATES. What is happening now....getting weaker.

How are can we preach to our children of a promising future when some have been kicked out of there homes, living in shelters, on welfare...with parents or parent barely making ends meet....what future do you think they really have.

WAKE UP take care of the kids we will have a bright future for all.

President Obama, you need to come West man and see what is is the same here and I see it everyday I drop my son of to school and with the grace of GOD...he is trying his level best to make good grades and still considering going to college...even if we are low-income.

It is real simple President Obama bring the jobs back home and we can make it. We need to make things not just becoming a service, we need to make things...big things like we use survive.