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Sunday, September 11, 2011


I think I am going to expose more of myself today than I have ever. Today is the "Anniversary" of 09/11. I don't like the usage of the word "Anniversary", for isn't that for a celebration. We are not celebrating can we when over thousands of life's were loss over what...we still don't really know. There is nothing to be happy about. USA is still sad...very sad.

It pains me but not like those that have love ones loss...but it pains me all the same. I kept saying I was not going to write about this but it has to be said...why did all of those innocent people die and for what? What it a political game and those about the Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon the pones. I pray GOD not...for that would be the worse. Was it really terrorist? Or is it that we wanted to be so? Something of this horrific, terrible, maddening, and totally painful day is still in our memory as if it was just yesterday.

I do believe we as a people..whether in the states or other countries; but especially here have not healed from it. We are damaged. We can't go about with our lives like it was the day before the incident..not to use that word lightly, but we have can not seem to move onward. We can't go to airports and get on planes like we use to, and it is bad enough we still blame people because of a religion that had nothing...absolutely nothing to do with it.

We need to heal...but "HOW?"; is the question. They have had videos online, top topics in the paper, pictures, footage of the day, and then it is all you hear do you expect people to heal if you are constantly reminding them. No, I don't want the people that had died to be forgotten..but I want those that are left to feel something better than pain to there hearts.

With all my love for those that loss someone or those children that loss there parents..when they thought like any other day they would see there mom's and dad's and now don' prayers..if you will except them go out to you all. GOD BE WITH US ALL or those that believe in someone or something that give you some feeling of heart is with you.