From here to San Francisco

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


...I had that question asked me today.I know my name and but to know who I am...well, that is not really easy to say. I can change from moment to moment; hour by hour, day by day, or even with the blink of the eye; so can the name that goes with the personality. No, I am not schizophrenic; but we all have other ways of our self..we just have to own up to it and take hold of it and let it just....BE!

Ask yourself this...WHO AM I? You might just say you are a woman or man. You are not JUST a woman or me. Look at yourself...and think of what you can do or the powers you pose when someone looks at you. Women have many attributes so don't sell yourself short or even sale yourself. You are the most valuable of comity and men you are as valuable for you do have what we as women if we are going to have a have that seed but remember we can grow it. Men, you were created for reason just to assist in making of the children but to be that provider, protector, and the one that should be able to look up to. Women, you can have them yes, I had stated that but you are also a valuable person for you have that mind to take care, protect, security, comfort, and even you can even provide nourishment for a new born. You are quite necessary.

SO, how do I answer a question WHO AM I? I am who I and everything else that goes with being me.