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Thursday, August 4, 2011

What is considered too young

Now it is going too far when it comes to a young child; especially a girl..that is only 10 years old. I am speaking of the young model THYLANE LOUBRY BLNDEAU; that is in suggestive posses for the VOGUE PARIS magazine...let's call a spade a spade...this is VULGAR. That look is for at least for a model over 18 but better yet for someone in there 20's.

Here you hear about child pornography and this is just helping those that consider children as something they can have sexually...I THINK NOT!!!! She has lost all look of innocents in this way. She is just a child, a little girl, though cute in her way; is looking like a young prostitute.

I am not knocking art or the photographer but the magazine in a whole. SHE IS A CHILD for GOD sake; not a grown woman. What is this going to do to her psyche? I know no child is going to look at this magazine but things again...maybe so. I am concerned what this is going to do to them now with there self esteem. No child should be wearing makeup and yes, I am against young girl pageants as well. At some point it has to stop. In this way what are you labeling her as.

Innocents....where did it go? Being just a little girl...where did this go? Sweetness...where did it go? Don't let your little girls grow up too fast...for time will do that alone.