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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I have been away for sometime and I so apologize to those that have been following me back in 2010. So much has been going on that I had to return this day and this day especially for this is the time for me to be in memory of my belated father. Yes, he has left this earth by vessel but not by spirit. Even though it was back in March 2007; this day is special for it would had been his birthday...August 2; and would had been eighty-nine.

I can happily say I can type that without any tears but fond thoughts. This is why I am back. I have healed greatly since the last time I was here so let me have this time to say....Dad, I am thinking of you always, miss your hugs, your inspirational talks or lessons, and you voice. I know you are with me....I do.

Now that I had my moment...thank you; it was quite necessary. So much has been going on for I have decided to take steps in my life to go on and live the life I was given as a gift to live. One of the accomplishments was healing from his death and realizing that my early retirement because of a work injury is a blessing and not to torture me. I will let you know now; if you haven't figured it out for yourself...but be exact of what you ask your GOD for in your just might get it but if you don't give the specifics it might be something you didn't want.

No, I am not unhappy that I am in early retirement for it has given me time for what I wanted...time to raise my youngest son; which is now going on sixteen in the fall of 2011. Yes, a teenager; but I have to say he hasn't been giving me too many gray hairs. Thanks youngest son!

With the healing process I decided to go back to school. I am working on my degree in English Literature; not to prove anything to anyone but just for me. I am finally doing something just for me. I have been good daughter (well at least as good as I can), wife, and mother (but will be mother till I leave this earth).

It is different now at my age now; for when I look back at my life...when I was doing it the first time to go to college it was not a choice but as "have to" decision by my parents. Even though my son is making this decision to go to college after high school, I commend him for I had no idea back in the day what I wanted to do. I want to do everything and it is funny; for it hasn't changed.

Oh, yes, I could had gone whilst I was raising the other children; that are now grown and even with him and work all at the same time but I know me..I stress too easily and to do what I was doing was enough of a handful. See I know me..I am not about to kill myself to achieve and then not be around to enjoy the accomplishments. They say, "all things in it's time", well I guess this is my time.

My first fall semester is starting August 12, 2011..for I started last year in the Spring. Thus far I am doing well taking baby steps for the youngest is still my main priority; then once he is on his telling what it is to be in my future with school or anything in my life.

I am not planning but I am trying to prepare for being alone. I haven't done that before. I was daughter, wife, and then the idea of alone...I don't know what to expect and I am not going to even analyze it to death..well I will try not to at least, but it shall be interesting all the same.

Well, I will close for now but I will return and try not to stay away for so long but thanks for taking the time to stop by and check me out.

PS Thanks Dad for!