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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Never Give Up!

...that should had been the title to the article that I had read on Yahoo; whereas the author of book, "THE HELP", had Kathryn Stockett had sixty rejections to her book and then came sixty-one.

When we as writers have taken painstaking time, money, hopes, and dreams to one day to be published to hope there is an audience out there someone where that will take the time to look over the manuscript give it as much time that the author had writing it and then evaluate it's worth. It is like tasting a banana; you might like it but doesn't mean someone else will find it just as enjoyable as you. It is a required taste for some. A book is like that too...a required interest in what someone had written.

I have to applaud Kathryn for not giving up and not letting even family or friends to persuade her to stop writing. My dear believed in yourself....BRAVO.
That one publishing company is all it took for now it has been turned into a movie.

I too am going to be at the point where my manuscript could be rejected many of times and this article is going to help me to get pass the comments that will tell me that my work is not going to be published...well I will keep my head up, my ego out of the way, and my spirit to not be bruised for one should "never give up" on there dreams.