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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gut Feelings

Feelings have a way of getting in the way; but have you had that certain feeling..whether it be a pause in your step, a hesitation, sinking feeling, or even a voice deep inside you to tells you to do something rather than what you were going to do. It is called "Gut Feelings" or instinct.

That certain something that is causing you to rethink your steps. "Don't do it; for you will regret it, "go right instead of left", "lay in bed and relax", "don't go down that path for it will be the wrong one." Haven't you heard those voices in your head? If you did and you didn't listen to them didn't you wish you had?

It happens to all of us if we listen to the inner voice inside not just our heads but a deep spirit...if you want to call it that..that tells us to do something that we could benefit from.

If you have an animal; haven't you noticed you could be taking a walk and it just stops and takes a different path, or it would be playing and all of a sudden it runs under the bed, or even barking at absolutely nothing; then take hid of that animal. His instincts are even sharper than ours for they are more in tune with the world around them.

I think we as human let too many things we see distract us that just taking the time to listen to ourselves. Next time you get that feeling something is going to happen ...then don't do what you were going to do; for 9 times out of 10 you could be right for it only takes one wrong move and there you will something you didn't want to be in or about.