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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going Ahead

Yes, I posted some postings ago of the despair I feel about those going to college but I am one of them. My reasoning are quite different for it is something of a process I am testing myself with. I have been to many colleges before but yet hadn't received my degree but now it feels more rewarding yet a bit of stress but not as major as I had believe it to be.

For the longest I had let my age intimidate me about returning. As I have now walk along the corridors, paths, and sit into classes I see people my age if not older in classes. It was a comforting feeling. This is now my third semester; yet my first fall semester at the college.I am not taking on a full load until my son is secure in his junior year in high school. His future comes first for I had a chance back in the day so mine is taking slow when he is full speed ahead.

This is now his critical time in high school to have his school records be known to colleges around the country. We are both going ahead with our plans but for my son he really has no say so for he is a minor and I am most definitely a full grown adult.