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Friday, August 5, 2011

Back To School

Fall semester is vastly approaching. Think of all the High School students that are entering into their Senior year and knowing my son will be doing that next year; I am totally wondering how to stay motivated in assisting him on to the thoughts or the dream he has for college.

He has wanted to go since he was eight years old; which did make me very proud and happy for him at that time but that was seven years ago and now when you look read the media about the layoffs, college costs going up, the careers that those study for four to six years if not more; to possibly have their hopes and dreams demolished with one swoop that there are no jobs out there to be had. I cringe with that thought. He has to have a future, his dream can not be destroyed, and yet I am saying the words of "you are doing well and it will pay off"; whilst wondering deep inside my very it really going to be.

As his only parent and mom it is my duty, my right, my responsibility to keep pushing him on to his dream but I don't want to lie to him either. We teach our kids not to lie yet the society of ours and government is lying to them and to us constantly. When will the lying stop. Tells us what is really going on. Is it only going to be the rich that succeed and the poor to be without. If that is the case then United States WAKE UP...we are going to be a THIRD WORLD country too.

We need even; but it is all being tested if not destroyed. I am not trying to be the doom of gloom here; but heck the reality is there with ever turn you make, with every dime that isn't worth a dime, with ever cost of living hiking upwards, with every adult college student coming back home because there is nothing out there. THIS HAS TO STOP. WE ALL NEED A FUTURE..especially the young. HELP!

Here it is world; I have this son that is a honor student and has worked hard to get himself there..don't let all that work be in vain. I believe in a good education but when I was growing up it was to go towards a career...I want him to have his career and to flourish in this world as far as he wants to go. Don't let him not be able to have that chance.